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TESLA Model Y Electric Power Frunk Kit

TESLA Model Y Electric Power Frunk Kit

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Get your Tesla Model Y upgraded with a Power Frunk while utilizing your OEM original software! This DIY kit replicates the factory standard that is in your trunk and applies to your frunk. This Model Y electric power frunk kit seamlessly integrates with both the official Tesla mobile app and the Model Y's center touchscreen controls for automatic opening and closing of the frunk. This kit features new hardware latch which checks to ensure that the hood is securely attached to the latching mechanism and prevents false positives. This unique feature is one of the primary reasons why iCBL has chosen this kit over its competitors.

Some of the key features of this kit include: opening and closing of the frunk using the official Tesla app, the Tesla key fob (key fob sold through Tesla), and the center console touch screen.

 This kit is a PLUG AND PLAY KIT. No need to drill or alter with your TESLA software. 

Each Package Includes:

  • Frunk installation kit
  • Instruction guide


  • Aluminum alloy struts
  • Fits all TESLA Model Y's 
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