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CARBONE BMW G80 M3 G82 M4 Dry Carbon Fiber Front Grille Grill

CARBONE BMW G80 M3 G82 M4 Dry Carbon Fiber Front Grille Grill

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Enhance the exterior aesthetics of your G80/G82 with CARBONE's in-House designed and engineered Carbon Fiber Grille. CARBONE's Dry Carbon Fiber Front Grilles are designed to be lighter, stronger, and more aggressive than the plastic OEM front grille. Here at CARBONE, we manufactures our Dry carbon fiber products using a state-of-the-art aerospace autoclave system. This advanced system ensures unparalleled rigidity, strength, and a flawless finish to all of our aero parts. What sets us apart is our use of resin pre-impregnated, vacuum-formed carbon fiber material, delivering a product that is 30% - 40% stiffer and stronger compared to an equivalent wet-layup carbon fiber alternatives on the market.



What’s in the box:

  • 2 x G8X Front Grille (left & right)


  • BMW M3
  • BMW M4

G80 (2021+) > M3 (2021+)
G80 (2021+) > M3 Competition RWD (2021+)
G80 (2021+) > M3 xDrive Competition (2021+)

G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 (2021+)
G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 CSL
G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 Competition RWD (2021+)
G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 xDrive Competition (2021+)

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